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5 Septiembre 2023

Benthic mollusc communities across space and through time in a hypersaline coastal lagoon, Mexico

Suárez-Mozo, Nancy Yolimar; Brenner, Mark; Kenney, William F.; Díaz Asencio, Misael; Curtis, Jason H.; Aquino-López, Marco A.; Guerra-Castro, Edlin & Simões, Nuno

  • Mollusc identified in sediment cores from Río Lagartos coastal Lagoon increased the total number of taxa previously registred

  • The number of mollusc species in sediment cores is nearly double that from the present-day inventory of taxa.

  • Stratigraphic shifts in sedimented molluscs assemblages revealed past environmental changes.

  • Mollusc species composition in sediment cores revealed differences across space and through time.

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