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Flávio Dias Passos

Especialista en Moluscos


Dr. Passos is Assistant Professor at the Department of Animal Biology, Institute of Biology, University of Campinas (UNICAMP), Brazil. He teaches on “Invertebrates” and “Malacology”, and is the Curator of the molluscan collection of the “Museum Zoology” of UNICAMP.

He is interested in the biodiversity of mollusks. His research is focused on the taxonomy, anatomy and distribution of these invertebrates from Brazil and the Atlantic Ocean as a whole, and also from Antarctica. Bivalves, aplacophorans and gastropods are currently being studied by Dr. Passos, by examination of collections made in many places from the Brazilian coast. Species of these groups are compared to others from the Atlantic and other oceans, aiming to find patterns of geographical distribution. Through detailed studies on their shells and anatomy, the different aspects of their biology are investigated.

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