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23 de agosto de 2018

First survey of Interstitial molluscs from Cayo Nuevo, Campeche Bank, Gulf of Mexico

Ortigosa D - Suárez-Mozo NY - Barrera NC - Simões N.

Six sediment samples weighing between 224-735 g were collected in June of 2016 from Cayo Nuevo reef, located at the Campeche Bank, southern Gulf of Mexico. Samples were collected by SCUBA diving, from were two stations at depths of 7.6 and 18.2 m. Sediment was sieved and molluscs (adults and micromolluscs Chamidae and Arcidae for the Bivalvia class, and Caecidae and Tornidae for the Gastropoda class. The vertical range of Bentharca sp. was extended.

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