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23 de agosto de 2014

New records of alpheid shrimps (Decapoda: Caridea: Alpheidae) in the Southern Coast of Gulf of México

Duarte J., Hermoso-Salazar, M., Anker, A. y Simões, N.

Eight species of alpheid shrimps are reported for the first time from the coral reef systems off Mexico's northern Yucatan Peninsula (Alacranes, Madagascar and Serpiente Reefs). These species are: Alpheus immaculatus; Alpheus paraformosus; Alpheus punctatus; Parabetaeus hummelincki; Salmoneus depressus; Synalpheus chacei; Synalpheus dominicensis; and Synalpheus elizabethae. The geographical ranges of these species are extended into the southern Gulf of Mexico; most of them are recorded from Mexican territorial waters for the first time. Brief notes on their ecology and taxonomy are provided. Six species are illustrated by colour photographs

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