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23 de agosto de 2018

New records of caridean shrimps (decapoda, caridea) from shallow waters along the North Yucatan peninsula coasts of Mexico

The northern coast of the Mexican state of Yucatán has only been cursorily sampled in the past, with most of this effort concentrated on the largest coral reef in the Gulf of México, Arrecife Alacranes. The present study reports on recent collections (June 2008 - September 2013) of caridean shrimp in Yucatán, including Arrecife Alacranes and other reefs, as well as coastal lagoons and beaches. Additionally, a number of species are reported based on older, unidentified museum material.


Six species represent new records for the Gulf of México , and 11 species are confirmed new records for México , adding up to a total of 17 newly reported species for the East coast of México. Further, the colour pattern of several species is documented for the first time.

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