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Jesse Cancelmo

Fotógrafo subacuático

Estados Unidos de América

Active member (since April 2011) and former Chair of the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council. A 25-year long Contributing Editor/Photographer for Dive  Training Magazine.

Jesse Cancelmo’s assignments, projects and explorations have taken him around the world capturing images of undersea wildlife and shipwrecks and in caves.  He has authored four books and his most recent, Glorious Gulf of Mexico, depicts the prolific ocean communities off the shorelines of the three countries that share the waters of the Gulf.

A certified diver since 1969, Jesse is trimix certified and has complete full cave certification. His logbook includes open circuit dives on the Andrea Doria, the USS Monitor and the Brine Seep near the East Flower Garden Bank’s reef cap.

Besides being a regular contributor for Dive Training magazine, his articles and underwater images have appeared in dozens of wildlife, diving and news publications. Credits include BBC Wildlife, National Geographic online, USA Today, Newsweek magazine, and the Houston Chronicle.

Additionally, Jesse is a degreed Mechanical Engineer and worked for Fortune 500 Global Engineering/Construction companies for more than 25 years in management and executive positions.

Areas of Expertise/Interest: Underwater photography and general wildlife photography; photojournalism (more than 100 articles published); author of four books. Scuba diving for more than 40 years; certified technical diver (open circuit to 300 ft)  and full cave certified.



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