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Ron Eytan

Especialista en biodiversidad marina y la especiación, utilizando genética molecular

Estados Unidos de América

Dr. Ron Eytan is professor at Texas A&M University and his field of study is evolutionary genetics. His main interests are the patterns and processes driving marine biodiversity, with the main focus of his research being on fishes, but has worked on corals in the past. He uses molecular genetics methods to study speciation, genetic connectivity among populations of marine animals, and phylogenetics (interrelationships) of marine organisms. He also works on alpha taxonomy; describing and naming new species.

Dr. Eytan received his Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Miami (USA), and while there spent a year studying at James Cook University in Australia. He received his Doctorate in Biology from Louisiana State University (USA), with his projects focused on the population genetics and interrelationships of a group of coral reef fishes called “blennies”.

Dr. Eytan currently has several graduate students and an active research program. His genetic work on blennies is now carried out at the scale of the entire Caribbean. Dr. Eytan also works on the genetics and speciation of deep-sea (1500 meters deep) fishes in the northern Gulf of Mexico.

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